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I need to write about yoga studio, because a lot of people keep asking me the same questions. I've tried some studio in the past, but always keeps coming back to one studio (it's one of my fave). Yoga is not about asanas (pose) only, but I think it's a holistic solution. Knowing your body, your limit and your love in every breath you take.

What to consider when joining a studio:
1. Traffic/location
You don't want to join a yoga studio which located 2 hours-away from your house. You're going to be frantic! Especially if you wanna go in evening classes. Find out about traffic too, cos bad traffic will turn your mood up side down before class.

2. Pay per visit/package
It's definitely cheaper if you go with the package. Sometimes a yoga studio offer 10 visits for 700K - 1 mio. But you can also find cheaper price, just make sure they have certified teachers.

3. Instructor
Finding the right instructor is one of the key to your practice. I have tried different type of classes with different instructors, and it help me understanding that each of them has different style. But to my opinion, a good one should always give a hand-adjustment, so that you know exactly how to pose. Sometimes, you find lazy instructor, they just shouting out and giving instructions-which I think is rather annoying. You want someone who will lead you, tell you how to modify some poses, and encourage you to go further yet still know your limit.

4. Type of Yoga
There are over 10 yoga style in the world. But taking one you like is very important. Because you don't wanna go to a class and complaining of what you're doing. That's not what yoga is. So, I suggest, find your style and if you're willing to deepen your likeness to yoga, go for different class. If you hate being a room with 48 degree C, don't go for a Bikram :)

5. Studio ambient
Why do I need a good ambient? because you'll be meditating, you're not only doing Asana (poses). You wanna be in tranquility, with no noisy-car honking-people yelling-etc. A good studio (I think) should has a warm ambient once you enter the room. And you can just leave all your burden out of the door, and you're ready to find a peace of mind.

List of Studio :
1. Yoga with Me 
You can join my class at Roger's Salon and Spa Senopati (across Pipiltin Cocoa/Ade Rai Fitness) every Tuesday 7-8.30PM or Union Yoga every Wednesday 6.45PM and Sunday 9.30AM. Please drop email to me for details. My email: My style is Hatha/Vinyasa, but I'm currently learning Ashtanga mysore.

2. Rumah Yoga - Jl Lamandau No. 19, Blok M, Jakarta selatan Phone 021-7393267
I love the location, settled in a quiet neighborhood. I think it's one of the hippest yoga studio in South Jakarta. It's widely known by people who want to try yoga. There are two studios, shower rooms for men and women (lately they provide hair dryer), locker, free drinks.

You can try different type of yoga, from yoga for health, vinyasa, ashtanga, basic, prenatal and hatha. I love going to different classes, because it brings me to other level of yoga. Sometimes when I feel tired I just go to a gentle yoga, cause you know that you will not be as exhausted as in Ashtanga. I found my love of yoga in this studio.

Updated : Join ashtanga mysore class everyday Monday to Saturday (morning and afternoon) with Sachin Badoni. Also try, Jivamukti with Arief every Sunday morning 8-9.30AM, it's a bit challenging for beginner, but it's fun.

Yudhi, Ira and Tari @ Rumah Yoga
3. Bliss at Coterie PLaza. Jl Kemang Raya 14B , phone : 021-719 3955

The new Bliss studio is located at the main road of Kemang. It's so easy to find, yet the traffic light near Mc.Donald can be such a pain. If you live around Kemang or Cipete area, this might be a good choice. Located right behind the Pantry Magic Outlet, with a spacious parking lot. The studio provides shower room, free drinks, snacks (banana and some others, but I couldn't recall the rest), and locker (sort of like bookcase, so it has no lock)

There are two studios, big and small, but basically it's only separated with a wooden rolling door.Bliss offers wide variety of yoga, you can go for Hatha, Basic, Vinyasa, Kids, etc.

4. Jakartadoyoga - Jl.Sunda No. 7 Jakarta Pusat (Above Harvest Cakery), phone 021- 3100071

This studio is quite far from where I live. It's in the center of Jakarta, very good location for those who live in Menteng. It has one big studio, but I could not remember if it has any shower room. Sometimes, they bring outside instructors for training, they have Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa and Prenatal.

5. Iyengar Yoga Center Indonesia - Jl. Kemang Raya No.18 D, Phone : 719 3101

This is the first Iyengar Yoga Center in Indonesia, owned by Riana Singgih. She studied Iyengar directly from B.K.S Iyengar in Pune, India. I haven't tried the Kemang studio, but I've tried the Simprug studio. If you're into Iyengar, well you can try it here. I also love Iyengar, the key of this style is to use props such as block, belt, chair, blanket to find perfection in each asana.

6. Union Yoga
This relatively new studio has two studios, one in Jalan Wijaya II/No.73 (next to Natasha Clinic), Jakarta Selatan and the other one is in Sport Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. If you love Bikram and Sveda yoga, you can give it a try at both studio. But their Wijaya Studio offers more variety such as Acro yoga, Vinyasa and yo-mama (prenatal yoga). I'm currently teaching vinyasa flow in Wijaya studio, follow their ig for schedule.

7. Ashtanga Yoga Jakarta - Jl.Brawijaya X-No 5, Jakarta Selatan

I haven't tried this studio but alot of my friends have been practicing with Nilesh-the instructor-he's quite strict but some people love the way he teach. Give it a try if you love ashtanga style.

8. Yoga42, Lippo Mall Kemang Village, Upper Ground A-01 behind Giordano Store and Arcadia Senayan

I know some people would like to try Bikram, but for me, I just can't stand the heat. But if you 'd like to challenge yourself, Bikram is a good yoga exercise. This studio is owned by Mony Suriany, and all of the instructors are Bikram Certified.

9. Yogasana, Lippo Mall Kemang Village and Arcadia Senayan
The studio is managed by yoga42. They provide Ashtanga mysore, hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, hot bare, prenatal, kids yoga. Check out their website for more details.

10. Soulbox Jakarta, Fairground Complex level 3 SCBD
This probably the most modern yoga studio in Jakarta. They provide different type of class from Soul Barre, Ashtanga, Antigravity, Bikram, Baptiste Power Yoga. Known for its urban fitness concept, Soulbox also provides other classes than yoga, like TRX, Bootcamp, and EMS (electro muscle stimulation). The best part from this place is definitely location and (drum roll) Lulu Lemon Mat for the practice.

11. Diniyoga, Jl Kemang Dalam 4, No.K16, Jakarta Selatan. Phone : +6281932566714
Dini uses her private home to be converted into a yoga shala. You can choose different style of yoga; restorative, hatha, vinyasa, easy flow. You can pay 80K per visit or 300K for one month unlimited. Better come early to get a good spot as the place is always quite pack. Watch out for any interesting workshops from international yoga teacher.

12. Yoga Pink Studio , Jl Sawo, Villa Sawo Kav. XI, Jakarta Selatan (Near ITC Fatmawati)
This is a studio owned by Erykar Lebang (Erik). He's been practicing yoga for years and he had the opportunity to learn Iyengar in Pune, India- the capital of Iyengar.  In addition to his love for yoga, he's also known as a food combining practicioner. Go check his twitter @erikarlebang for tips on yoga or healthy living.  If you'd like to try Iyengar in groups or private, go contact Erik at 0811960266.

If you know a new yoga studio in town, please drop me email or if you want you're studio to be included, let me know :) To know you yoga style, read this article

Read about Yoga and health in this article from Kompas.

Photo : taken from Kusworo


Debbie said...

Thanks ! This list was very helpful to me :-)

silverring said...

Thanks for sharing this. Actually been looking for a yoga studio in pondok indah and bintaro area. Do you have any info? Btw, I also found myself liking yoga in rumah yoga. :) did yoga there for a couple of yrs. would love to come back there but current condition of traffic and my busy hours cannot meet the schedule.

Unknown said...

Nice writing, Tari. It helps me a lot, thanks! I have tried Bliss and I like it :) -Ay

There's also yoga classes:

- Store Kemang, held several free yoga class every month with acknowledge instructor like Deera, Dini (from Dini Yoga), Kiki Bee and more.

- Tangerine Wellness in Energy Building with several choices class.Drop in 125k or they also have package.

- Roger's Senopati (the one in front Anomali) with Arif (Hatha & Vinyasa) every Monday & Thursday. 100k pervisit (bring your own mat).

Do you know any good Yoga places in Pondok Indah area?