Serambi Botani Kemang- Organic Store

9:53 PM Tari Dana 0 Comments

Ever since we 'convert' our lifestyle, we always on the look of organic store or anything related to that. So, when Serambi Botani opened its store in La Codefin, kemang, Jakarta, I'm very excited to go. The other Serambi Botani store I knew is in Bogor (my sister in law visited the bogor branch at Botani Square).

It's actually quite small, but you can find variety of organic products. Bear in mind, many of these are coming from local producers under supervision of IPB, and yeah I'm happy if we can support local products.

Anyway, what I love about this place is, they have great collection of honey. Yes, me and husband are honey lovers. You can find pure honey, royal honey, bee propolis, etc. Honey price is ranged between 35K to 80K. If you love natural soap, you can try lemongrass, lemon, ginger and many other home-made organic soap. Aside to honey and soaps, I love their Red Rice. It's only Rp 22.000 for 1 kg, but tasted so soft and good.

Well, if you happen to be around Kemang area, stop by and get your selection of honey or organic chocolate. But make sure you bring cash, cos they can only accept BCA debit with min purchase of Rp 100.000 (there are few ATM machines just few meters from the store).